Top Retail Design Strategies to Try in 2018

With the ecommerce industry expanding and eating into the market share of the retail industry, retailers should focus more on offering a unique shopping experience to their customers.

The best way to create a killer visual impact is by using your retail judiciously and creating an interesting scheme for your merchandise. If required, you can seek professional help for retail shop renovation in Singapore. Here are some retail design strategies you can try in 2018.

Painting an accent wall

Taking one wall as the accent wall and painting it differently with bold colours is one of the best ways to add spice to your space without having to spend a bomb. You may even use some sparkling textures or a printed fabric or even a wallpaper cladding for pepping it up!

Move over shelves

Utilizing wall space for shelves and showcasing your merchandize with the help of these shelves is a common. Nowadays innovative display schemes are used for showcasing merchandize. Depending on the stuff that you are displaying, you can use antique fit-outs like panels, wood casings, extended painting frames and similar such interesting out of the box ideas for attracting the attention of buyers.

Avoid clutter

Considering that most retail spaces in business centres would be smaller as compared to your expectations, you need to be careful of avoiding clutter. One way is to avoid very dark or dull shades in the interiors. Light grey and yellow work just fine and lend a sense of space. Similarly, when you are displaying your merchandize, avoid crowding. Arrange them neatly and leave plenty of space in between.

As your retail shop renovation specialist will tell you, how you use your lighting is also extremely important. Experts suggest varied lighting combinations including scones, picture lights, lamps and even track lights. The idea is to pick the elements judiciously for your space and display them in style.

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3 Tips for Law Firm Office Renovation

The look and feel can contribute largely to success of your law firm. To have a leg up on the competition, you should revamp the interior design of your law firm at frequent intervals. Consider getting the job done by an experienced office renovation contractor or F & B renovation company. Here are three useful tips for law firm office renovation.

1. The reception area needs attention

The reception area is undoubtedly one of the most important places of a law firm that generates first impression of your business. Unlike traditional approach, only appointing soft-spoken good-looking person isn’t adequate. The clients or visitors must feel very comfortable at your office in a way they can relax, watch television and pleasantly wait when you are busy in some other task. Hence, it is always better to turn the reception into a colorful lounge-type area.

2. Application of proper lighting

Lighting always plays an important role in generating the right office environment. Your office renovation contractor should have the idea what kind of light will suit your firm mainly based on the room sizes. You can use the LED retrofit to give more brightness whereas it consumes less amount of energy. Apart from lighting, installing decorative wall panels, using marker boards at few places etc. also give more enthusiasm to the employees.

3. Giving it a professional look

Giving a professional look to your law firm will not only encourage your employees to work better, the clients visiting your office will surely take you and your business seriously and promote conversions. Installing the decorative furniture, making good branding on the wall, keeping a tad wide aisle or passing trade, proper positioning of the employees’ seats, etc. should be done meticulously to support your organization’s distinctive needs. Even the workplace should be very responsive to accept any integration of new design trends in future based on the requirements of your firm and the staffs.

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Design Tips for Creating Sensory Rich Experience in the Workplace

A workplace that is designed to suit our senses is more engaging, more productive and is likely to make the employees happier. Our senses have a lingering impact on how we remember experiences and how we look at the world. It is advisable to ask your contractor for office renovation in Singapore to make choices that appeal to the senses in positive ways. Here are some useful tips.

Implement color psychology for the sight

When it comes to the eyes, colors have a significant role to play. You can use a lot of blues, in different muted shades for a calming effect. Similarly, fresh citrus hues like bright yellow, orange and light green enhance mind alertness and create an energetic environment in the workplace. Colors that are bold and bright are ideal for creativity. You need to create a balance in the manner in which you use the shades, keeping in mind the nature of your work.

Consider olfactory stimulation

Breathing aroma has an instantaneous impact on our emotions and moods. This can be put to great advantage for providing mental clarity, stimulation, inspiration and relaxing. Consider fragrances like lemon, lemongrass, orange, lavender and even jasmine. Research has proved that employees make fewer typing mistakes when they are exposed to such enigmatic fragrances. Ask your retail shop renovation service provider to create a suitable infrastructural support in so that you can create a fragrant workplace.

Do not forget thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is when your employees don’t feel too hot or too cold within the confines of the workplace. Although comfort levels may vary from individual to individual, a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees centigrade is ideal in most cases. Providing good air quality is also important. Air purifiers are available for easy installation. Also, fitting room humidifiers may also be a good idea.

In addition, you can also use music for auditory stimulation and in order to improve concentration. Make sure you discuss your options well with your renovation specialist before you implement.

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